Don’t be fooled by conventional moisturizer promises.

Best natural skincare routine


They are made of water and fillers with only a small amount of active material.

Of course when your skin is dry and cracked and you apply one of those so-called “miracle moisturizers” your thirsty skin will quickly absorb the water in the product and the surface layers of your skin will plump up.

Like a deflated balloon your fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin fill with water and for a moment your skin look great.

But, shortly after, guess what?

The water evaporates or absorbs into the bloodstream, leaving your skin again with a dry and aged appearance. Day after day this aging process goes on and on until one day your skin cells will no longer respond and you will start looking for alternative solutions like Botox or the likes

Come on! Your skin is unique. It is your responsibility to maintain its healthy and radiant appearance. Do not expose your skin to harmful side effects from petroleum-derived cosmetics. 

Now is time to take your skin fate in your hands and think of long term benefits.

Anti-aging is first an attitude.


It begins by restoring your skin function with Belle de Jour high quality oil support and your skin will take care of itself. The sooner, the better.


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