Your Skin Personality : Dry Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...) with Discreet Ageing Signs

In comparison to the usual skin type, Dry Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...), with Discreet Ageing Signs produces a little less sebum, especially in the winter.
Your skin's inability to produce lipids prevents the development of the barrier that keeps moisture in.
Dehydration can cause fine wrinkles to develop on your skin's surface, on your forehead, or around your eyes.
Your skin feels more elastic when it is well-nourished and properly hydrated.
In some situations, your skin reacts to its surroundings, causing skin that is readily flushed, exposed to the sun, heat, or cold weather, to easily turn red.
Some of these outside aggressors—such as UV radiation, pollution, etc.—can damage the skin over time by causing oxidative stress.
Fortunately, your skin's lack of sebum occasionally works to your advantage because it prevents the occurrence of spots, a rare quality.
Even if your skin is flawless, sun exposure can still cause little brown spots to appear.

We recommend :

Every Morning :

After cleansing your face with Cleanser 01, apply Essence 02 to balance and strengthen you skin then apply 2 drops of Face Oil 04 until fully absorbed.

Then add Serum 03 followed by moisturizer Cream 05.

Every Night:

Cleanser 01 then Face oil 04 then Sleeping Mask 06 twice a week.

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