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Dehydration Routine

Dehydrated skin is a common concern that many people face. It occurs when the skin lacks water, leading to a tight and dull appearance with fine dehydration lines. The skin's stratum corneum and hydrolipidic film are responsible for retaining moisture in the skin, but various factors can disrupt this balance.

The stratum corneum is a layer of dead cells that acts as a barrier to the outside environment. It is covered with a hydrolipidic film made up of sebum and sweat, which helps to limit the evaporation of water from the skin. When this film is disrupted, the skin can become dehydrated.

There are various factors that can alter the stratum corneum and hydrolipidic film, including:

Heat: Exposure to high temperatures can cause the skin to lose moisture.
Dry air: Low humidity levels can strip the skin of its natural moisture.
Pollution: Exposure to pollutants can cause damage to the skin's natural barrier, leading to dehydration.
Overly aggressive cosmetics: Harsh skincare products can disrupt the skin's natural balance and lead to dehydration.

If you are experiencing dehydrated skin, there are several ways to address it. Drinking plenty of water, using a humidifier in your home, and applying a hydrating moisturizer can help to restore the skin's moisture balance. It's also important to avoid using overly harsh skincare products and to protect your skin from the sun and other environmental factors.

In conclusion, dehydrated skin can result from various factors that disrupt the skin's natural barrier, leading to tightness, dullness, and fine dehydration lines. By understanding the causes and symptoms of dehydrated skin and taking steps to address it, you can maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

List of products we recommend you to apply every Morning and Evening (before sleeping) as your skincare routine :