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Irritant redness Routine

Irritant redness skin is a common skin condition that can cause inflammation, redness, and itching. This condition is caused by exposure to irritants such as chemicals, pollutants, harsh soaps, and hot water. It can also be caused by skin allergies, sunburns, and windburns.

Symptoms of Irritant Redness Skin:

Scaling or flaking

Diagnosis and Treatment:
Diagnosis of irritant redness skin is typically based on a physical examination and a medical history of exposure to irritants. Treatment options include avoiding the irritants, using moisturizing creams, taking over-the-counter antihistamines, and applying cool compresses.

In severe cases, a dermatologist may prescribe topical or oral medications to manage the symptoms.

To prevent irritant redness skin, it is recommended to:

Avoid exposure to irritants
Use gentle, fragrance-free skin care products
Wear protective clothing and sunscreen when outdoors
Keep the skin moisturized

In conclusion, irritant redness skin is a common skin condition caused by exposure to irritants. It can be treated by avoiding irritants, using moisturizing creams, and seeking medical attention if necessary. Prevention involves avoiding irritants, using gentle skin care products, and taking protective measures when outdoors.

List of products we recommend you to apply every Morning and Evening (before sleeping) as your skincare routine :