Your Skin Personality : No Ageing signs, Exposed, Normal Production Sebum

In the everyday life of AE(•) skin

Absent ageing (A) Exposed and Normoproduction sebum (•) skin is healthy and balanced. Your sebum production is fairly regular, which gives you a smooth skin texture. In the summertime, your skin can be a little brighter at the end of the day. During winter months on the other hand, your sebaceous glands are less active and you may feel the need to apply a moisturizing cream to compensate for it. Thanks to your photo-type or/and conscious and adapted habits, AE(•) skin doesn’t suffer too much from oxidation caused by external factors (like sun exposure, tobacco and pollution), which is relatively rare. Protected from free radicals, skin ageing is effectively delayed. Your skin is luminous and healthy.

In order to keep your skin healthy and to prevent from any skin ageing signs, we recommend you to apply a soft cleanser followed by revitalizing essence and rejuvenating Serum. In addition, you also should apply Anti-pollution (anti-oxidant) cream to fully protect your skin.

We recommend:

Every Morning:

Apply Cleanser 01 to purify your skin then Essence 02 to balance it followed by Serum 03 and Cream 05.

Every Night :

Apply Cleanser 01 and Moisturizer Cream 05 before sleeping.

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