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Your Skin Personality : Oily Prone Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...) with Ageing Signs

In the everyday life of VE(+) skin

All skins naturally produce sebum. VE(+) skin produces a little more than average. At the end of the day, the skin may be a little shiny, especially on the wings of the nose and forehead. Over the years, the sebaceous glands will tend to produce less and less sebum, freeing you from that hassle. If it is excessively cleansed and stressed, the hydrolipidic film is altered, water evaporates and the skin becomes thirsty. This dehydration tends to accentuate fine lines. In addition, the VE(+) skin has to face multiple aggressions throughout the day (UV, pollution, etc.) which cause oxidative stress that can have a lasting impact on the skin. Indeed, in some cases, the sun has left marks: brown spots scattered on the surface of the skin and marked features.

We recommend :

Every Morning:

Apply Cleanser 01 then Essence 02 to balance your skin. Then apply Serum 03 followed by Moisturizer Cream 05

Every Night:

Apply Cleanser 01 then 2 drops of Face oil before sleeping. Twice a week, apply Sleeping Mask 06 to deeply nourish your skin.