Your Skin Personality : Oily Prone Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...) with Ageing Signs

Ageing Signs, Oily Prone Skin, and Exposed (Sun, Pollution...)
Skin makes a tiny bit more than usual.
The skin could be a little shiny at the end of the day, especially on the forehead and nose's wings.
The sebaceous glands tend to produce less and less sebum with time, relieving you of that inconvenience.
The hydrolipidic coating is changed, water evaporates, and the skin gets parched if it is too washed and agitated.
This dehydration tends to make fine wrinkles more noticeable.
Additionally, the VE(+) skin is subjected to a variety of aggressors throughout the course of the day (UV, pollution, etc.), which results in oxidative stress and may have long-term effects on the skin.
In fact, the sun has left its mark in some instances:
brown splotches dotted on the surface of the skin and marked features

We recommend :

Every Morning:

Apply Cleanser 01 then Essence 02 to balance your skin. Then apply Serum 03 followed by Moisturizer Cream 05

Every Night:

Apply Cleanser 01 then 2 drops of Face oil before sleeping. Twice a week, apply Sleeping Mask 06 to deeply nourish your skin.

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