Personality Skincare

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Your Skin Personality : Dry Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...) without Ageing Signs

In the everyday life of AE(-) skin

AE(-) skin types produce less sebum than others. Its protective barrier is unbalanced and the skin is weakened. If dryness (and the dehydration causing it) isn’t treated, the skin can become tight and in more extreme cases, flaky. You may experience xerosis (skin dryness) to varying degrees. When hydrated and nourished, your skin is more elastic. Rebuilding your skin's protective hydrolipidic barrier and protecting it from the effects of external aggressions like UV exposure, pollution and cold weather is a priority for AE(-) skin types. Sometimes, the natural dryness of your skin proves to be an advantage, as it prevents the appearance of spots, which is rare.

We recommend:

Every Morning :

Apply Cleanser 01 to purify your skin, then Essence 02 to balance and make your skin ready to get the next product. Then add Face Oil 04 until fully absorbed followed by Serum 03 and Moisturizer Cream 05

Every Night:

Apply two drops of Face Oil before sleeping, followed by Sleeping Mask 06 twice a week.