Your Skin Personality : Normal Skin with Discreet Ageing Signs and Exposed (Sun, Pollution...)

Your skin looks great.

Its sebum production is often in equilibrium.
Your skin may appear a tiny bit lighter at night in the summer.
On the other side, your sebaceous glands are less active in the winter, so you could feel the need to use a moisturizing lotion to make up for it.
Your love of the sun may occasionally put you at danger for premature aging.
Your first lines of wrinkling and/or light brown spots are starting to show.
Your phototype and/or urban lifestyle cause your skin cells to oxidize, which can hasten the aging process and, in certain situations, be the source of dullness.
This oxidative stress impairs cell renewal and damages several skin components, including your elastin and collagen fibres.

We recommend :

Every Morning :

Rejuvenate with Serum 04

Then Moisturize your face with Cream 05

Every Evening:

Apply Facial oil 04 and apply Sleeping Mask 06 before sleeping . Hence you would nourish and treat your wrinkles.

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