Your Skin Personality : Dry Skin, Exposed (Sun, Pollution...) with Ageing Signs

Sebum-deficient dry skin that is exposed to the elements and aging requires specific care.
Sometimes it overreacts to its surroundings.
As a result, in some circumstances, the skin can quickly turn red after washing, when exposed to the sun or heat, or the opposite when exposed to cold.
Even at rest, expression wrinkles are noticeable, and depending on the phototype, the skin may have a few scattered pigmentation patches.
When the skin is well-nourished and hydrated, it is more elastic and shows the passage of time less.
Therefore, it is crucial to rebuild the hydrolipidic film of the skin and shield it from the sun in order to combat the aggressions (UV, pollution, cold, etc.) experienced throughout the day, which may hasten the already-present phenomena of skin aging.

We recommend

Every Morning:

Cleanse your face with Cleanser 01 directly followed by Essence 02 to balance and protect your skin. Then add Face Oil 04 to deeply nourish, hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier.

Every Night:

Apply 2 drops on Face Oil 04 then twice a week apply Sleeping Mask 06 before sleeping.

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