Your Skin Personality : Skin Ageing Exposed Oxidation Normoproduction Sebum

Ageing Exposed Oxidation Normoproduction Sebum Skin has to cope with skin aging. Indeed, the sun has marked its passage. Your phototype and/or lifestyle promotes oxidation, leading to an alteration of the skin's structures. The formation of free radicals often leads to collagen, elastin or DNA damage. Cells renew themselves less quickly, the structure of the dermis is altered and the skin becomes slack. Brown spots, also known as solar lentigos, are scattered on the surface of the skin.

People with this kind of skins are lucky, however, because they have only one fight: to stop skin aging.

We recommend

Every Morning

Cleanser 01 + Essence 02 + Serum03 + Face Oil 04 + Cream 05 : Our anti ageing treatment routine.

Every Night

Cleanser 01 + Face Oil 04 + Sleeping Mask 06 twice a week

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