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Deep Moisturizing Adventure

“The journey of an Omega-6 (OM-6) molecule down to the deeper layers of your skin. “

OM-6 also called linoleic fatty acid is a major constituent of Belle de Jour prickly pearl oil. (about 60 %)

The size of this molecule is so tiny that it can dig its way through the phospholipid barrier, the shield to protect the skin from harmful invaders which is a capacity that most oils do not have. This is why our oil is different from any other oil used in cosmetics: the unusual capacity to cross the lipid barrier.

Before reaching the bottom epidermis layer, it makes its way down through several layers, cleansing, dissolving impurities, pulling out toxins as well as supporting skin sebum production.

But its job is also to clear the path and drive along other active materials like Vitamin E and K.

When OM-6 reaches the bottom layer, it really starts the big job.

As they age, the base cells tend to be lazy so their metabolism slow down and like a balloon they deflate. They need to be stimulated to ‘drink and feed’ from the nutrients and water just underneath in order to hydrate, replenish, and regenerate and plump up.

This is where OM-6and its followers intervene to stimulate and put those lazy cells at work thus restoring the skin cell functions.

That is how deep moisturizing function. Water comes from inside and is maintained in the epidermis under the cover of the phospholipid barrier which prevents evaporation of this precious moisture.


Now you can do a favor to skin cells.
Do not let them get too lazy and unable to get their own food

Provide them with powerful OM-6 from Belle de Jour to restore their function as well as their healthy and radiant appearance, just in one click below:



And stay tune for more details on the best way to use Belle de Jour oil as a cleanser.


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