Personality Skincare

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Your Skin Personality : Oily Prone Skin, no Ageing Signs and Exposed (Sun, Pollution...)

In the everyday life of your skin type:

All skin types naturally produce sebum. Your skin type produces a little more than others, especially during the summer months. This overproduction has its advantages - it enhances your skin’s natural radiance and gives it a bouncy, plumped appearance, despite having a few localised blemishes on certain areas of your face, neck, and/or back. Your skin can tend to feel oily, especially at the end of the day. Cleansing your skin in the evening feels necessary and pleasant. Some older blemishes may have left small marks on your skin. What’s more, your skin type has to cope with multiple external factors throughout the day (like UV and pollution), causing oxidative stress, which can have a lasting negative impact on the skin.

We recommend:

Every Morning:

Cleanser 01 followed by Cream 05.

Every Night :

Face Oil 04 and sleeping mask 06 before sleeping.