Your Skin Personality : Oily Prone Skin, no Ageing Signs and Exposed (Sun, Pollution...)

Exposed (to sun, pollution, etc.) and skin that is oily-prone produces a little bit more than other skin types, especially during the summer.
Despite having a few small, localized blemishes on specific areas of your face, neck, and/or back, this overproduction has benefits in that it enhances your skin's natural luminosity and gives it a bouncy, plumped appearance.
Especially towards the end of the day, your skin may feel oily.
Evening skin cleansing seems both necessary and enjoyable.
Your skin may contain minor markings from some previous blemishes.
Additionally, skin that is oily, prone to acne, has no visible signs of aging, and is exposed to many environmental variables during the day (such as UV rays and pollution) is more likely to experience oxidative stress, which can have long-lasting negative impact on the skin

We recommend:

Every Morning:

Cleanser 01 followed by Cream 05.

Every Night :

Face Oil 04 and sleeping mask 06 before sleeping.

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