Cream Main Active Ingredients

CactaXanthoneTM Serum ingredients for Personality Skincare:


  1. Anti-bacteria
  2. Anti- oxidant
  3. Anti-aging - promote collagen synthesis with human fibroblast cell
  4. Moisturizing

HydroSal FreshCool (USA)

  1. Anti-septic and Anti-bacteria
  2. Soothing
  3. Moisturizing

Rosa Damascena Flower Water

  1. Anti-septic and Anti-bacteria
  2. Soothing
  3. Moisturizing


Extraction of crocus bulbs

  1. Reduce aged skin
  • stimulate the growth of fibroblasts
  • stimulate the migration of fibroblasts
  • stimulate the production of extra cellular matrix


  1. 1. Whitening - reduction of skin pigmentation
  2. Anti-aging - stimulates new collagen synthesis

Nanowhite (Switzerland)

  1. Whitening
  • - strongly inhibits tyrosinase activity
  • - lighten the existing dark spots
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxidant



Our Story, Our Promise

All of our formulas contain Pure Cactus Oil and/or CactaXanthone™ – A patented formula of Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Purifiying Xanthone from Mangosteen.

All of our products are handmade in Thailand and formulated in France using thoughtfully sourced ingredients.