Purifying Cleanser

We all probably already know that cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine.

Walking through a supermarket's "beauty" section the other day, I realized how difficult it must be to choose the right skincare product, and in Thailand it's even more difficult with huge shelves of products to choose from!

The problem is similar in pharmacies, with the same "flagship" products in all stores!

But how do you clean it, and what products should you use based on your skin type?

Yes, clean the skin, but why?

What's the point of cleaning it first thing in the morning?

One might mistakenly believe that because the skin was cleansed the night before, it should still be clean, but this is not the case.

It is clean in theory, according to our definition of "dirty", but it has accumulated during the night, an excess of dead cells mixed with sebum and a little perspiration! You say it's delicious... And yes, a lot happens during the night! Then there's the possibility that we didn't remove enough makeup the night before.

What good is cleaning it at night?

Not only does makeup need to be removed, but so does pollution, excess sebum, and dead skin.

When I live in Bangkok, I notice that my nostrils are black from the pollution!

I dare not think about the layer that has been deposited on the skin!

>However, even if you live in the countryside, pollution exists, albeit at a much lower level.

How should you clean your skin?

Very softly !

I often say that you should pamper your skin because we only have one. It is the care you choose to use, not the force you exert with your hand, that does the work.

Skin cleansing must remove impurities, and thus all excess, while also preserving the skin's natural lipid film. A minor disruption is unavoidable, but stripping it is never a good idea, especially on skin that is already fragile or unbalanced.

The more you dry out oily skin with excessively degreasing cleansers, the more sebum it produces and the more pimples you have!

Dry skin will struggle to rebalance, and the skin barrier will become even more vulnerable and dry out.

It is important to cleanse gently, and there are several treatments available.

Take care to keep your skin clean.

Contrary to popular belief, oils can also be used to cleanse the skin!

They aid in the removal of all lipophilic elements found on the skin.

Surfactant-based products, such as foaming gels, washing gels, and micellar waters, are extremely stripping.

Anything with a long list of ingredients, fragrances, or silicons should be avoided.


  • You can cleanse with an oil, such as Organic Jojoba oil or Organic Prickly Pear Seed oil, followed by a second pass with a suitable Essence to remove the remaining hydrophilic elements.
  • A specific face liniment, free of emulsifiers and beeswax, a process known as "saponification." This is the result of combining lime water and vegetable oil. Don't worry, the saponification process completely transforms the lime water. The liniment is an excellent cleaning product comparable to surgras soap. A hydrosol is then always required to balance the pH of the skin, as  a liniment is a basic pH, like as soap.
  • Surgras soaps are made cold and over-greased with vegetable oil in the traditional way. This allows for a gentle cleaning while still leaving the famous lipid film behind. After rinsing, use a hydrosol to help the skin rebalance itself, just like the liniment. Hydrosols with a pH that is slightly acidic.

What should I do next?


After cleaning, do not rinse with tap water (except soap) or between the liniment and the hydrosol. After wiping away your hydrosol, apply your treatment.

We recommend vegetable oil serums because they are gentle on the skin and help to strengthen the lipid barrier while also balancing sebum production.

Furthermore, the active ingredients in vegetable oils or botanical extracts promote the positive evolution of a variety of skin concerns.

We created the Personality Skincare line's Cleanser 01 with the above in mind: a great combination of organic prickly pear seed oil (within CactaXanthone) and papaya hydrosol.
It also includes Bio Bifida Ferment, which contains probiotic, or "good" bacteria, to protect your face skin from other "bad" bacteria.

Then, rinse it with water (to remove the oil) and apply Essence 02 to your skin to balance it.
After that, we recommend using Serum 03 to protect and brighten your skin.

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