Facial Oil 04 - Anti Aging Face oil

850 ฿

High Regenerative and Pure Organic Facial Oil from Prickly Pear Seeds. This amazing and rare oil efficiently boosts, repairs and nourishes your skin within 2 weeks.

Instantly tightens, cleanses, moisturizes, repairs, nourishes, protects and brightens skin with natural antioxydants, essential fatty acids and efficient nutrients.  Cell renewal, collagen booster, lifting effect.


Skin is healthy and beautiful: bright, luminous, translucent and smooth. Intensely nourished and hydrated, the skin is comfortable and supple. Texture is refined and fine lines are visibly reduced. Now perfectly able to reflect light, skin blooms with radiance.

Healthy Belle de Jour Facial Oil:
1. Revitalise:
- Radiance
- Smoothness
- Tonicity
2. Regulate:
- Brightness
- Evenness
- Translucency
3. Restore:
- Nourished aspect
- Plumpness
- Comfort

Upon awakening, the skin is visibly brighter and more luminous.
Intensely nourished, it is soft and plump with optimal comfort.
After 2 weeks, its healthy, pure light bursts from within.

Facial Oil 04 - Anti Aging Face oil

Application Ritual:

Apply to clean skin and massage a few drops of Belle de Jour's Facial Oil directly onto your face and lips at night (it repairs and moisturizes the deeper layers of the skin) and/or in the morning (it cleanses the remaining of toxins  accumulated during the sleep and moisturizes the skin for the day). 

Once applied, remove the remaining (your skin is already full) with a soft and dry tissue. 


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