Serum 03 - Brightening Serum - Rejuvenating Serum

550 ฿

Skin care routine made simple.

Belle de Jour's Personality Serum is the secret to healthy skin.

It moisturizes, soothes and rejuvenates your skin, brightens, has anti-aging properties and is anti-bacterial.
It also contains in addition of CactaXanthone:
- Royal Jelly Protein from Japan (RoyalBiocyte PX) that has Erythema inhibitory efficacies.
- Probiotic ingredient (Bifida Ferment Lysate) from Korea that is efficient in Skin regeneration, Skin Elastin, Moisturizing and also help to recover UV damaged skin.
- High stabilized Vitamine C (Amitose GOA) from Japan, that reduces skin redness and is Anti-Acne.
- Advanced moisture Complex (AMC) from Germany, that immediately soften the skin with high moisturizing efficacy.

FDA (Thailand) approval

50 ML, 10 ML and Set of 2 week Facial Treatment. Learn More.


Main Active Ingredients :

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