Cream 05 - Anti Acne Cream - Antipollution Cream

400 ฿

Anti- Acne, High Hydration and Anti-Pollution Cream

Cream Five will change your skin from oily to fresh.
With its lead ingredient, CactaXanthone, a combinaison of Purified Xanthone, known to be a powerful anti-acne and anti-bacteria, and Prickly Pear seed oil which has also similar properties, this cream significantly reduces Acne on your face.

Nowadays, pollution is a huge problem. That's why we made Cream Five with the latest technology to combat the effects of pollution. In fact, this cream has been clinically proven to deeply hydrate your skin while also protecting it from free radicals and UV rays which cause oxidative stress, premature aging, and cancer.

You deserve a healthy skin without any worry. So don't wait any longer and buy Cream Five today!

All you need is just a small amount applied before going out for the day!

• Hydrates skin without leaving it feeling oily or sticky

• Targets anti-aging skin changes while soothing skin irritations

• It also controls skin pigmentation (lighten existing dark spots) and refresh the skin.

FDA (Thailand) approval

50 ML, 15 ML, Set of 2 week Facial Treatment. Learn More.

 Main Active Ingredients:

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