Your Personalized Skin Diagnostic

คอลเลกชัน: PE(+)

Skin ageing: Pronounced
Oxidation Factors: Exposed
Sebum production: Hyperproduction (+)

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In the everyday life of PE(+) skin

A particularly rare skin type, PE(+) skin is unbalanced skin that produces excess sebum. Most skin types produce less and less sebum over time. Mature skin often goes hand in hand with skin dryness, but this isn’t the case with PE(+) skin, which, despite becoming less oily over time, retains a shiny T-zone at the end of the day. Spots become increasingly rare. Skin ageing isn’t manifested by wrinkles, but rather with the general sagging of the skin, particularly visible on the neck area and by the multiplication of solar lentigos (aka age spots).


We recommend :

Every Morning :

Cleanser 01 followed by Essence 02 then two drops of Face oil 04 until full absorption. Then add moisturizer cream 05


Every Night:

Cleanser 01 followed by Face Oil 04 then Sleeping Mask 06 twice a week.

Our recommendation :