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Wash your Face 

with an Organic Cleanser

Regardless of your skin type or skin care concerns, daily cleansing is always a must.But if you have visibly aging skin, reach for a nourishing cleanser. As skin matures, it loses moisture, nutrients, and natural oils, resulting in skin that looks—and feels—drier. A nourishing cleanser can help replenish moisture to the surface of your skin for a fresh look!

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Exfoliate Weekly !

When it comes to exfoliation, keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different. While some people can handle daily exfoliation (with the right skin care products), others may only be able to tolerate exfoliating once or twice a week. Pay attention to how your skin responds to determine what works for you. That said, if you notice visible signs of aging, exfoliation should be part of your skin care regimen because sloughing off dead skin cells is an essential anti-aging measure.

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Use Organic Facial Toner

Before moisturizing and following your facial cleanser, a face toner is a quick, absorbing liquid that helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup, correct and balance the pH of your skin, and helps acne control. In other words, a facial toner thoroughly cleans the skin and helps to remove surface dead skin cells. By helping to clean and close pores, it is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin.It's important to always use an alcohol free face toner. The other ingredients should be picked based on your skin type.

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Apply a Pure Facial Oil

Once skin is cleansed, you’re ready to move on to facial oil. Find the right one to slow down aging process.As skin matures, natural oil production can decrease. Daily exposure to harmful UV rays further compromises its ability to retain moisture, leaving skin looking dehydrated and lackluster—and that’s where facial oil comes in. You can use an oil to give your complexion an extra dose of nourishment and help lock in moisture. Use a lightweight, non-greasy facial oil that absorbs quickly, applying it to help nourish mature skin.

Anti-Aging High Regenerative Facial Oil L (30 ML)
2,590.00 ฿2,590.00 ฿


Moisturize ! - And don't forget your neck and "décolletage"

If you have mature skin, try using a moisturizer that’s formulated to revive your skin tone and stimulate skin cell renewal.When you apply your facial moisturizer in the morning and evening, don’t stop at your jawline—moisturize your neck and chest area, too.You also can apply facial oil serum of Belle de Jour to your neck and chest instead of cream Moisturizer.

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Use a natural targeted Eye Treatment

Don’t forget to show your eye area some love, too! Choose an eye serum or cream that addresses the visible signs of skin aging you see around your eyes, whether that’s visible dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, or under-eye bags. Our Belle de Jour Prickly Pear Oil can help immediately hydrate your skin, increase radiance, and diminish the look of dark circles, under-eye bags, and wrinkles with continued use over time.Apply a small amount around your entire eye area using your fingertips and pat gently until thoroughly absorbed. Use morning and night.

Anti-Aging High Regenerative Facial Oil S (10 ML)
990.00 ฿990.00 ฿
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Adopt Special Mask

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin care concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. Another advantage of wearing a face mask: the feeling of being pampered like you’re at a spa from the comfort of your own home.You can use a face mask once a week, or you can use it more then that depending on your skin and your skin care concerns.

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Brighten up with Organic Makeup Foundation and Powder

Aging skin is often dull skin, and your skin care products aren’t your only line of defense. You can also help brighten your complexion with makeup.For starters, try the Foundation by Popfeel, it can alo be used to illuminate, hydrate, and brighten your under-eye area for a glowing finish.Once your concealer is in place, show your cheeks some love with a Face Organic Powder, a transparent powder that glows your face naturally.

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And finally, Remove your Makeup Gently

Let’s skip to the end of the day: What do you need to do before you can hit the hay? Remove your makeup, of course! Sleeping in your makeup is a mistake, no matter your age. To avoid the clogged pores that snoozing in makeup can bring, reach for a bottle of micellar water before bed.

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