Curious to Understand the Causes of your Morning Face Puffiness?

Best natural skincare routine

Your face looks like an inflated balloon?


Learn from your mistakes.


You did not cleanse your skin properly before bedtime or you applied a night repair something.

Consequence, you trapped moisture underneath the surface layer of your epidermis.

It is like covering your face with a plastic film before sleep.

Your skin can not breathe and you block perspiration .

So you get the wrong impression that your skin cells have been hydrated overnight.

Actually, it is just water retention, and this swollen face does not really suits you.


How can you reduce this swelling?


1st step:

Apply a few drops of Belle de Jour oil and cleanse the surface with a washcloth.


2nd step:

Repeat step 1 , this time with more oil and massage thoroughly to circulate the liquid stagnating in the lower epidermis layers.

Wipe off extra impurities with a tissue.


3rd step:

Repeat step 2 if necessary and then apply a cold damp towel on your face for a minute but do not scrub. This will leave your skin cool and smooth.



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