How to Optimize my Skin Care Routine?

Best natural skincare routine

Before applying any beauty products, you can’t skip a detoxifying skin prep.

Why not try our Belle de Jour special cleansing/detoxifying ritual.


First step:

Apply a few drops of our oil on your skin and massage softly to dissolve make-up or any impurities. Then remove with a damp washcloth for gentle exfoliation.


Second step:

On this cleansed surface layer of your epidermis, apply enough oil and now massage it more forcefully to reach the basal layer of the epidermis.


This is made possible thanks to the so thin texture of our oil that has the power to cross the protective lipid barrier, a capacity that usually cosmetic oils do not possess. This is why our oil is so amazing.

Along its move downwards, the oil will pull out those toxins continuously expelled from the cells and eliminate them through the pores up on the surface layer.


Now, just wipe off the toxins with a dry tissue to keep the clean pores open but avoid scrubbing the surface because the oil supports the protective lipid barrier that will keep your skin moisturized overnight.


Third step:

Next morning, apply a few drops and massage thoroughly to soften and awaken your face.

Then wipe off and observe on your tissue how much toxins have been driven up during your sleep. How surprising!


Now your skin look healthy and radiant and you can safely proceed with your favorite beauty routine.


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